Our measure to contain Coronavirus

At this museum, we have taken preventive measures against new coronavirus infection so that our customers can use our services with peace of mind.
We are implementing the following initiatives. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
We will continue to do our best to provide our customers with peace of mind and safety.


Staffs are wearing face masks


Practice proper handwashing


Installation of hypochlorite water disinfectant


Thorough ventilation


Hypochlorite water disinfection of guest rooms


Installation of air purifier


Check body temperature


Keep social distancing(during meals)

Official Video

Come see the beautiful views and bountiful nature of Onna Village Nakama.
We've built the first Ryokan(Japanese-style Hotel) in Okinawa to ensure you enjoy your stay and dining experience to the fullest.

We've created a uniquely Ryokan (Japanese-style Hotel)
experience where you can relax and feel as if you are visiting your home away from home. Like returning to a familiar vacation villa you often visit for peace and comfort.

Come take a vacation where you can enjoy the dazzling ocean
views of Okinawa. A new journey to a place of relaxation and exquisite cuisine is waiting for you in Okinawa.

A journey facing the dazzling sea of Okinawa.
A journey of relaxation.
A new Okinawa trip and food is here.

Families with young children can come with peace of mind.
The rooms have high ceilings and are open, with bright sunlight.
Please spend time without family water while looking at the blue sea.

About Umi no Ryotei

AWARD 2017

~In large thanks to your support, we have received the following recognition~

Luxury Hotel・Ryokan reservation site


1st place – Okinawa Area Hotel・Ryokan

Things to do in Okinawa for Locals Website


Deigo(Okinawa Flower) Award Category
2nd Place 2017 Second-half of the year award

Domestic & International Hotel Reservation


Guest Review Awards 2017
9.5 out of 10 Review Ranking

Our goal is to deliver truly fresh and in-season ingredients from areas all over Japan.

To help us achieve our goal, we first created a purchase & sales call center in Hokkaido. Our center enabled us to deliver fresh seasonal produce from Hokkaido to customers nationwide.

In March 2010 we opened Mori No Ryotei Biei in Hokkaido Biei/Shirogane Onsen, a location known for its beautiful rural landscapes. The Ryokan(Japanese-style Hotel) was met with rave reviews. Many of our guests loved both their stay at the hotel and our seasonal fresh-produce cuisine.

This time, we've created Umi No Ryotei Okinawa, Nakama Inn. Featuring authentic Kaiseki(Japanese-style Feast) cuisine, combining selected ingredients from Okinawa and Hokkaido. We're committed to being the best at offering fresh seasonal produce to all our guests.

We're looking forward to your visit and sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us.

Okinawa Tourism Trading Ltd.
Seiichi Tomishima, CEO

Facility overview

Name Umi no Ryotei Okinawa Nakama Inn
Address 855-1 Nakama Onna-son,Kunigami-gun,Okinawa 904-0401,Japan
TEL +81-98-911-6650
FAX +81-98-911-6651
Site Overview Site Area 8,985 sq. meters
Total Floor Area 3,387 sq. meters
Date Opened December 11th, 2016
Total number of rooms 25 rooms
Facilities on site Public Bath House (With Sauna), Massage Room, Gift Shop, Restaurant (54 seats)
Access Approx. 90 minutes from the Naha Airport via the Okinawa Expressway, taking the Yaka IC exit.

shokujidokoro Uminobou

You can enjoy the extremity of Japanese fusion of fresh ingredients from Okinawa and Hokkaido.
It is also possible to use only for meals, so please feel free to contact us.

Breakfast service hours

7:00am-9:00am (Last Order 9:00am)

Outpatient breakfast reception started reservations the day before

Lunch service hours

11:30am-2:00pm (Last Order 1:15pm)  * By appointment only

* Due to the soaring price of raw materials, we have revised the lunch price from November 12th.
*We are currently not accepting new lunch orders.

Dinner service hours

6:00pm-10:00pm (Last Order 7:00pm)

※Reservation required, accepted up to 3 days in advance. This is a banquet course meal, so the standard mealtime will last around 2 hours.


Breakfast Meal

Kids Menu

available ages 3-5 / Breakfast and Dinner available


Kids Meal


Kids Meal

Dinner Menu

Please be advised: Ingredients may change slightly depending on season and product availability.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


(日本語) 名嘉真会席

●Depending on the dish, each dish is served as a kaiseki course while still warm or glossy. (We do not serve meals in your room)
●When making a reservation, please let us know if you are allergic to any ingredients.
About our hotel's food allergy response Please read this when making your reservation.

[Allergy policy]
At our hotel, we strive to provide dishes that are free of allergens as much as possible so that guests with food allergies can enjoy their meals, but please note that we cannot guarantee that allergens will be removed.
◆If you have any allergies, please let us know at least 8 days before your stay, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
However, we do not accept all seafood, wheat allergies, liquid diets, or vegetarians.
◆Because the food is prepared in the same kitchen as other menu items, and the same cooking and cleaning equipment is used as other menu items, there is a possibility that trace amounts of allergens may be mixed in during the cooking process.
◆Please understand that it is difficult to eliminate seasonings that are essential to Japanese cuisine, such as soy sauce and miso, as allergic ingredients.
◆If we make significant changes to the menu to accommodate allergies, additional charges may apply. Please note that the number of items on the menu may be reduced depending on the specified ingredients.
◆Due to the above reasons, please note that the menus we offer are not completely allergy-friendly, and we may have no choice but to refuse meals to customers with severe allergic symptoms.
*When making a reservation, please check the above information and make your final decision. Please contact us by phone or by writing in the notes/requests section of your reservation application.


Room Information

A total of 25 Rooms/1 Night stay with complimentary Dinner and Breakfast included for 2 guests (Starting at ¥30000 per person)
●Public Bath House(with sauna)
●Massage Room
●Non-Smoking Hotel

All rooms have 2 twin beds and a partial outdoor bath.

With 3 or more guests staying in a Suite room or Modern Room, Japanese Futons are available for use. With 3 guests in a Standard room, a sofa bed is available.

Suite Room (Bedroom and Tatami Room)

1 room 95 sq. meters (maximum occupancy: 4 guests)

Room Amenities

・Bath Towels・Face Towels・Body Soap・Shampoo ・Conditioner
・Hairbrushes ・Shaving Kit ・Shower Cap ・Cotton Squares ・Q-tips
・Japanese-style indoor leisurewear ・Pajamas・Hairdryer ・Luxury Toilet
・Air Humidifier/Purifier・Hotel Room Safe・Japanese Tea Set・Kettle ・Coffee Maker
・Free Internet Access(both wired LAN and wireless Wi-Fi available)

Modern Room (Bedroom and Tatami Room)

3 rooms 68 sq. meters (maximum occupancy: 4 guests)

Room Amenities

・Bath Towels・Face Towels・Body Soap・Shampoo ・Conditioner 
・Hairbrushes ・Shaving Kit ・Shower Cap ・Q-tips 
・Japanese-style indoor leisurewear ・Pajamas ・Luxury Toilet
・Air Purifier・Hotel Room Safe・Japanese Tea Set ・Coffee Maker
・Free Internet Access(both wired LAN and wireless Wi-Fi available)

Standard Room (Bedroom)

21 rooms 44 sq. meters (maximum occupancy: 3 guests)

Room Amenities

・Bath Towels・Face Towels・Body Soap・Shampoo ・Conditioner
・Hairbrushes ・Shaving Kit ・Shower Cap ・Q-tips
・Japanese-style indoor leisurewear ・Pajamas ・Luxury Toilet
・Air Purifier・Hotel Room Safe・Japanese Tea Set ・Coffee Maker
・Free Internet Access(both wired LAN and wireless Wi-Fi available)

Room Pricing and Information

1 night, includes complimentary breakfast and dinner (Tax Included)

※The listed rates are per person, not per room

Standard Room Rate is per guest, not per room. Maximum guests per room: 3 ¥21,000~¥35,000
Modern Room Rate is per guest, not per room. Maximum guests per room: 4 ¥28,000~¥45,000
Suite Room Rate is per guest, not per room. Maximum guests per room: 4 ¥45,000~¥58,000
Check-in 3:00pm
Check-out 11:00am
Parking Free Parking Available

Relaxation Spa

You can relax in the spacious bath while gazing at the superb view.

Large public bath hours: 6:00 am to 10:00 am; 3:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Popsicles are provided after the bath.
Please feel free to enjoy it.

Relaxation Menu

Sophisticated therapists with reliable techniques will deliver the best relaxation.

*We may not be able to meet your request for the desired time as the therapist will be an external reservation system.
*It will be a treatment in your room.

Refresh Massage

Knead the stiffness of the back, waist, legs, and whole body.
40 minutes course・・・¥8,000
60 minutes course・・・¥10,000
90 minutes course・・・¥13,000

Aroma Massage

Relax your mind and body from the core with a pleasant aroma scent.
40 minutes course・・・¥9,000
60 minutes course・・・¥11,000
90 minutes course・・・¥14,000

Foot Massage

Oil is used mainly on the soles of the feet to relieve muscle tension.
40 minutes course・・・¥6,800
60 minutes course・・・¥9,000

*It will be a treatment in your room.
*Pregnant women are not allowed to use it for mother and child safety.
*Therapists are by appointment only, so we may not be able to meet your request during busy times.

Map and Location

855-1 Nakama Onna-son,Kunigami-gun,Okinawa 904-0401,Japan


Airprot ▶ Okinawa Expressway
Yaka I.C to go through 90minutes

50 minutes fromthe OCEAN EXPO PARK(Churaumi Aquarium)

Photo Gallery

Enjoy our Photo Galleries of Umi no Ryotei Okinawa Nakama Inn.